ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Lubricating Oil Pressure High

Symptom Tree  t104

This is symptom tree t104
Cause Correction

Lubricating oil pressure switch, gauge, or sensor is malfunctioning or is not in the correct location

Check the oil pressure switch, gauge, or sensor for correct operation and location. Refer to Procedure 007-028.


Coolant temperature is below specification

Refer to Coolant Temperature Below Normal symptom tree.


Lubricating oil does not meet specifications for operating conditions

Change the oil and filters. Refer to Procedure 007-013 or 007-025 and the Cummins Engine Oil Recommendations, Bulletin 3810340.


Main oil pressure regulator is malfunctioning

Check the main oil pressure regulator assembly. Refer to Procedure 007-029.


Sensor plugged or damaged

Check the viscosity sensor. Clean or replace if necessary. Refer to Procedure 007-041.

Last Modified:  28-Mar-2005