ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Turbocharger Leaks Engine Oil or Fuel

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Symptom Tree  t122

This is symptom tree t122
Cause Correction

Engine is operating for extended periods under light or no-load conditions (slobbering)

Review the engine operating instructions. Refer to Section 1 in the Operating and Maintenance Manual ISM and ISM
e Engines, Bulletin


Turbocharger is not correct

Check the turbocharger part number and compare it to the Control Parts List (CPL), Bulletin 3379133 or 4021327. Replace the turbocharger if necessary. Refer to Procedure
010-033 in Section 10.


Turbocharger oil drain line is restricted

Remove the turbocharger oil drain line and check for restriction. Clean or replace the oil drain line. Refer to Procedure
010-033 in Section 10.


Crankcase pressure is excessive

Check for excessive blowby. Refer to Section 14 and the Crankcase Gases (Blowby) Excessive symptom tree.


Plugged engine breather or breather tube

Clear any restrictions found and/or replace any damaged components in the breather system. If equipped, check the engine crankcase ventilation filter assembly for excessive restriction or blockage. Refer to Procedure
003-002 in Section 3.


Turbocharger oil seal is leaking

Check the turbocharger compressor and turbine seals. Refer to Procedure
010-033 in Section 10.

Last Modified:  11-Jan-2010