CM870 and ISX Engines – FAULT CODE 219

Centinel™ Oil Tank Level Low – Warning


Fault Code: 219
PID: P017
SPN: 1380
FMI: 1/17
LAMP: Amber with Maintenance Flashout

Engine Oil Level Number 2 (Remote) Low – Maintenance. Low oil level detected in the Centinel™ makeup oil tank.

None on performance. Centinel™ oil system deactivated.

Centinel™ Oil System

Circuit Description

The Centinel™ oil burn level switch monitors the oil level in the makeup tank and reports to the electronic control module (ECM) when the oil drops below the specified level.

Component Location

The Centinel™ oil burn level switch is located on the lower portion of the front of the Centinel makeup oil tank.

Shop Talk

Verify that the makeup tank has the appropriate oil level.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-219

Last Modified:  01-Sep-2010