CM850 Electronic Control System – 019-013   Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

General Information


The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (1) are located in the exhaust muffler on either side of the catalyst brick.

The temperature sensors are part of the aftertreatment system and are used to monitor the catalyst inlet and outlet temperatures.





The Exhaust Catalyst will stay hot to touch for long periods of time after the engine has been turned off.

Lift up on the locking tab and pull the electrical connectors apart.

Disconnect the exhaust gas temperature sensor from OEM wiring harness.

Loosen the retaining nut and remove the exhaust gas temperature sensor from the exhaust catalyst.


Clean and Inspect for Reuse


Visually inspect the exhaust gas temperature sensors for damage to wiring or body.

Visually inspect the tip of the exhaust gas temperature sensor for damage and carbon build up




Apply anti-sieze compound to the sensor threads of the exhaust gas temperature sensor.

Make sure the exhaust gas temperature sensors are connected to the correct position on the OEM wiring harness. Swapped inlet and outlet temperature sensors will result in active fault codes.

Push the sensor and sensor harness connectors together until they lock.

Tighten the nut that secures the sensor to the after-treatment system.

Torque Value:  30  n.m  [22 ft-lb]

Last Modified:  31-May-2006