CM850 Electronic Control System – FAULT CODE 2359

EGR Differential Pressure Sensor – Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range – Moderately Severe Level


Fault Code: 2359
PID: P411
SPN: 411
FMI: 0/16
LAMP: Amber

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Differential Pressure Sensor – Data Valid but Above Normal Operating Range – Moderately Severe Level. EGR differential pressure sensor failed automatic calibration procedure or EGR differential pressure reading not valid for engine operating conditions.

EGR valve will be closed.

EGR Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit

Circuit Description

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) differential pressure sensor measures the exhaust gas pressure drop across the EGR differential pressure orifice. This pressure drop is used to calculate the amount of EGR flow into the intake manifold.

Component Location

The EGR differential pressure sensor is mounted on the intake side of the engine on the air intake connection. Refer to Procedure 100-002 in Section E.

Note: The sensor is connected to the engine harness through a short pigtail harness. The pigtail harness is permanently affixed to the sensor. Do not try to remove the connector that is attached to the sensor body, or damage to the sensor will result.

Shop Talk

Possible causes of this fault code include:

  • A malfunctioning EGR differential pressure sensor
  • A plugged or leaking low or high EGR differential pressure drilling
  • A stuck open or closed EGR valve
  • A damaged EGR connection tube hose
  • A leak in the EGR connection tube hoses or tubes
  • A damaged variable geometry turbocharger
  • A damaged variable geometry actuator.

Note: If Fault Code 2359 is active after a key-cycle and the engine is not operating, it will be set inactive only if the following conditions are met:

  • Engine coolant temperature is greater than 67°C [154°F]
  • Intake manifold air temperature is greater than 16°C [60°F]
  • Keyswitch transitions from ON to OFF
  • EGR differential pressure sensor reading is within a set calibration threshold near zero.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-2359

Last Modified:  08-Jul-2010