1999 GM 6.5L V8 – Engine Wiring Harness Assembly Installation

Tools Required
• J 41515 – A Glow Plug Socket
• J 39083 Glow Plug Connector Tool

1. Install the crankshaft position sensor in the front cover (if equipped).

Notice : Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.
2. Install the crankshaft position sensor bolt (if equipped).
Tighten the crankshaft position sensor bolt t o 23 N-m ( 17 Ib ft) (if equipped).

3. Install the glow plugs using the J 41515-A
Tighten the glow plugs to 22 N-m (16 Ib ft).

4. Install the heat shields on cylinders number 4 and 6.

5. Using J 39083 install the jumper wires to cylinders 4 and 6.

6. Place the harness in the engine valley.

7. Plug in or connect all the wiring harness connectors to devices or attachment points.


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