Bosch Electronic Diesel Control

Within the various chapters of this book are featured a number of high-technology diesel fuel injection control systems, with DDC’s DDEC system (late 1985), Caterpillar’s PEECsystem (early 1987),and Cummins ECI system (1989)being mass-produced designs that have gained prominence since late 1985.The Robert Bosch Corporation offers electronic sensing and control of both its heavy-duty inline multiple-plunger pumps and its smaller model VE distributor pump assemblies used in automotive applications. As with the DDC and Cat systems, the high pressures necessary for injection purposes are still created mechanically by a reciprocating plunger within a barrel; however, control of the fuel rack position, and therefore of the quantity of fuel injected for a given throttle position and load, is determined by an ECU(electronic control unit) which has been programmed to output specific control signals to the governor / rack in relation to the accelerator position, turbocharger boost pressure, mass airflow rate, engine oil pressure, and temperature and coolant level.

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