2013 PACCAR MX-13 – P0121 Dual PWM accelerator pedal Sticking pedal

Fault code information

# trip MIL – N/A
3 drive cycle recovery
Readiness Group – None
Freeze frame type – Crankcase

Description of component(s)

Dual pulse width modulation (PWM) sensor/switch

Diagnostic condition

This diagnostic runs continuously when the engine is on.

Set condition of fault code

> 10 seconds of concurrent application of both the brake and accelerator pedals.

Reset condition of fault code

This DTC changes to inactive when the fault is no longer detected.

Electrical diagram(s)

Possible causes

1. Accelerator pedal and service brake applied at the same time
2. Brake pedal or hand brake lever not returned/released completely
3. Faulty wiring
4. Faulty connector
5. Accelerator pedal mechanical fault

Additional information

This DTC is provided mainly for information purposes. Its occurrence will be captured in the corresponding diagnostic log file, however, no corresponding dashboard lamp is lit. If this fault does not self-clear during driving operations it will result in a reduced torque/derate condition.
For additional information and assistance in troubleshooting this fault, contact the PACCAR Engine Support Call Center at 1-800-477-0251.

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