Paccar MX-13 – Installing camshaft bearing 1

1. Check the camshaft bores for burrs and damage and correct if necessary.

2. Lubricate the stamp (K) and position the 1st camshaft bearing on the stamp (K) as shown.
Make sure that stamp (K) is clean and free from burrs and damage.
Correct if necessary.

3. Turn the bolt screw anti-clockwise to secure the oil bore in position.
Lubricate the camshaft bearing before installing.

4. Carefully position the stamp (K) in the camshaft cavity at the 1st cylinder.

5. Position the large guide/press ring (H) in the adjacent camshaft bore to guide the spindle (B).
This is necessary to prevent damaging the camshaft bearing during removal of the spindle.

6. Position spindle (B) into adapter (A) and through the stamp (K).
Prevent damage to the camshaft bores or newly mounted camshaft bearings while positioning the spindle (B).
Make sure that spindle (B) is lubricated with clean engine oil.

7. Position two shim rings (E) to the stamp (K).

8. Push the spindle (B) further through the guide/press ring (H) and the guide adapter (O).

9. Insert fixation pin (L) in the respective inlet valve lifter bore until it engages with the stamp (K) as shown.

10. Fit and hand-tighten the tappet fixation bolt to secure fixation pin (L).
Excessive torquing will damage the tappet fixation bolt and the fixation pin (L).

11.Fit the locking ring (F) onto the spindle (B) in the recess just behind the stamp (K).

12. Turn the nut (G) onto the spindle (B).

13. Mount the hydraulic puller (I) to the adapter (A) as shown.
Turn the puller a quarter of a turn to secure it.

14. Use the hydraulic press (J), and carefully press the 1st camshaft bearing into the cylinder block.
The 1st camshaft bearing is ‘in position’ if the fixation pin (L) reaches the other end of the slotted hole in the stamp (K) as shown.

15. Depressurize the hydraulic press (J) and remove the hydraulic puller (I) from the adapter (A) by turning it a quarter of a turn.

16. Remove the locking ring (F).

17. Carefully pull out the spindle (B) and collect the two shim rings (E).

18. Remove the adapter (A).

19. Turn the bolt on stamp (K) clockwise to release the stamp (K) from the camshaft bearing.

20. Remove the fixation pin (L).

21. Carefully remove the stamp (K) out of the bearing and from the engine block.

22. Install the adapter (A) and tighten the attachment bolts to 30 Nm.


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