Paccar MX-13 – Installing camshaft bearing 7

1. Remove the guide adapter (O).

2. Install the guide adapter (C).
– Align the guide adapter (C) with the camshaft bore by pushing the large guide/press ring (H) through the guide adapter (C) and the camshaft bore.
– Tighten the attachment bolts to 30 Nm [22 lb-ft].


3. Reposition the large guide/press ring (H) in the adjacent camshaft bore to guide the spindle (B).
Prevent damage to the camshaft bores or newly mounted camshaft bearings while positioning the spindle (B).

4. Position the 7th camshaft bearing on the stamp (K) as mentioned earlier in this description.

5. Carefully slide the stamp (K) into the guide adapter (C) as shown until it abuts.
– Make sure that stamp (K) is free from burrs and damage. Correct if necessary.
– Lubricate the stamp (K) before mounting the camshaft bearing.
– Lubricate the camshaft bearing before installing.

6. Push the spindle (B) through the stamp (K).

7. Fit the bush (M) onto the spindle and lock it in position with the end stop (N).

8. Push through the spindle (B) and secure it with the locking ring (F).

9. Carefully press the 7th camshaft bearing into the cylinder block as mentioned earlier in this description.
The difference is that the 7th camshaft bearing is ‘in position’ if the bush (M)
is pushed against the end stop (N).

10. All bearings are now in position; remove all components of the special tool.




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