Paccar MX-13 – Installing camshaft, engine

Do NOT install a shim ring or vibration damper in combination with a camshaft with integrated shim ring, to prevent the idler gear from touching the camshaft gear.

The related parts bulletin, PB00256 is shown below:

The camshaft vibration damper/shim ring is integrated into the camshaft in MX-13 engines.

Do not reinstall the camshaft vibration damper or the shim ring if the camshaft is replaced with a camshaft with integrated shim ring.

The camshaft vibration damper has been replaced by a shim ring in MX-13 Euro 6 engines as of spec-week 2014-21 (see Part bulletin PB00244).

1. Fit the new cylindrical dowel pin.

2. Prelubricate the camshaft.

3. Carefully install the camshaft in the engine.
– Always use the camshaft support tool.
– The weight of the camshaft is approximately 35-45 kg
– Avoid damaging the camshaft bearings.

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