ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 010-113   Turbocharger, Variable Geometry Actuator



Automotive with CM875, CM870 and CM570


The zinc anode is a sacrificial washer that reduces the possibility of corrosion of the turbocharger cross-shaft and bushing. The failure to install will result in excessive corrosion and wear to the cross-shaft bushing.

The actuator maintains a spring tension on the variable geometry cross-shaft and can not be removed without releasing this tension by applying air pressure. Damage to the turbocharger can possibly result if air pressure is not applied before removing the actuator.

Remove the air line from the actuator if INSITE™ electronic service tool will not be used in the removal of the actuator.

Remove the capscrew and zinc anode washer from the turbocharger cross-shaft.

Remove the snap ring from the cross-shaft.



Keep fingers and hands away from the actuator link to reduce the possibility of personal injury as a result of sudden movement when air is supplied.

Use INSITE™ electronic service tool to override the turbocharger actuator position or apply 620 kPa [90 psi] to 827 kPa [120 psi] of regulated air pressure to the turbocharger actuator.

Remove the two capscrews holding the turbocharger actuator to the turbocharger bearing housing.

The turbocharger actuator end link to cross-shaft is a tight clearance fit. Use care to reduce the possibility of damaging the turbocharger actuator or the turbocharger cross-shaft when removing the actuator.

Remove the turbocharger actuator from the turbocharger.

Turn off the override in INSITE™ electronic service tool or remove the regulated air supply.

Remove the air line from the turbocharger actuator, if not already removed.


Automotive with CM876

Disconnect the wiring harness from the turbocharger actuator by sliding the locking tang to the open position, then pushing down on the release lever and pulling the connection apart.


Remove the four turbocharger actuator mounting capscrews and remove the actuator.

Remove and discard the turbocharger actuator sealing gasket.

Last Modified:  16-Nov-2009