Mechanical Gas Fuel System G5.9, G8.3 – Exhaust Temperature is Above Normal

Symptom Tree  t082

This is symptom tree t082
Cause Correction

Engine is overloaded

Check for added loading from malfunctioning accessories or driven units, brakes dragging, and other changes in vehicle, vessel, or equipment loading. Refer to the OEM specifications to determine actual gross mechanical output of the engine. Adjust as required..


Ignition timing is incorrectly set.

Check the ignition timing against specifications. Adjust as required. Refer to Procedure 013-012, 013-014 or 013-016 and the Ignition System OEM Literature.


Air/fuel ratio is set incorrectly.

Check exhaust excess oxygen against specifications. Adjust if necessary. Refer to Procedure 005-003.


Engine is misfiring

Refer to the Engine Runs Ruff or Misfires symptom tree.

Last Modified:  16-Mar-2004