Valve Lifters Service

Valve lifters, or tappets, are serviced at this time when the lifters are driven from an overhead camshaft or when battered rocker arm tips indicate the need. It should be mentioned that GM 350 hydraulic lifters must be bled down before the cylinder head is reinstalled. Factory manuals recommend that lifters be collapsed twice, the second time 45 minutes after the first. According to technicians familiar with these engines, the factory is not kidding.

Figure 7-13 illustrates the roller tappet used on GM two-cycle engines. This part is subject to severe forces and, in the typical applications, experiences fairly high wear rates. Inspect the roller for scuffing, flat spots, and ease of rotation. Damage to the roller OD almost always is mirrored on the camshaft.

Roller and pin replacement offers no challenge, but lubrication is critical. During the first few seconds of operation, the only lubrications the follower receives is what you provide. Engine-supplied lube oil is slow to find its way between the roller and pin.

Ensure proper lubrication by removing the preservative from new parts with Cindol 1705; clean used parts with the same product. Just before installation, soak the followers in a bath of warm (100–125 F) Cindol. Turn the rollers to release trapped air.

Install with the oil port at the bottom of the follower pointed away from the valves. There should be 0.005-in. clearance between the follower legs and guide. The easiest way to make this adjustment is to loosen the bolts slightly and tap the ends of the guide with a brass drift. Bolts should be torqued to 12–15 ft-lb.

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